Travel Permission Letter for Minors

By | June 18, 2015

Travel permission letter for minors is a form of letter written and signed by a guardian or parents allowing their child to travel with their consent. The responsibility and accountability of the person who will be with the child also emphasize when writing this kind of letter.  This letter may be used for various reasons and situations such as when the child is having a school activity which will be done in some place, going for field trip, traveling abroad with companion or friend.

Sample Travel Permission Letter for Minors

May 25, 2015

Anna Sebastian

123 Woodhaven Street

Miami, Florida 90000

990 1234

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter informing you that my daughter, Joyce Ong, 8 year old, has our parental permission to travel abroad in London with Anna Sebastian who will act as her guardian when we’re not around. By reading this written letter confirming that our child is travelling abroad under our consent, please see our signatures below. Kindly contact us right away if there will be any problems that you will encounter while you’re with our child. If worst scenario happen but hoping it will never happen, medical emergencies, we allowed Anna Sebastian to make medical decision in our absence.

My husband and I are aware that the place where my daughter, Andrei Ford, will be staying at Plaza Hotel in New York with the Santos Family, one of our closest friend starting the date of 31st of May until 15th of June 2015. During the stay of our daughter, she is allowed to travel and shop within the vicinity of London.

Sincerely yours,

Edward Ong

Cindy Ong

234 Lakeview Oriental Street

Miami, Florida 90000

888 9000