Transfer of Lease Agreement Letter

By | November 19, 2014

A transfer of lease agreement letter is a formal letter which is written by a person to transfer a lease or a property to another person or party. Such an agreement letter must state the basic terms of the agreement and also the date of transfer of the lease. A sample is provided below for your reference.

Sample transfer of lease agreement letter:


William Brooks

A-34, fifth state avenue, Bridgetown road,

London, United Kingdom

Date: 9th June 2014

Subject: transfer of lease agreement letter

Dear Mr. Brooks,

I, Paul Anthony am writing this letter to you to lay down the various terms of the agreement for lease transfer, as discussed between us on our meeting last week. I hope that you will accept the agreement and initiate the process of transfer of lease thereby.

As you know, I have leased an apartment at location 5-R, Putney, London and am the LESSEE in the lease agreement where you are the LESSOR. Due to certain reasons, I would need to move out of the city for 6 months from 1st July onwards and would thereby be transferring the lease to my cousin Nick Anthony for this time period. On my return, the lease period would have ended and the lease would be terminated. I have discussed all the matters with the new LESSEE and will make sure that all terms of original agreement are followed.

I am enclosing a formal agreement and the details of my cousin for your reference.

Thanking you

Paul Anthony