Thank You for Order Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Mr. Daniel Radcliff

23-8, Marks street

Timothy building, New York

12th March 2011

Respected Mr. Radcliff

Subject: Thanking you for placing order

We have just received your order request through your letter and we wish to express our gratitude to you for the same. Thank you for considering us the right choice for a order of this huge scale. Through this letter, we also wish to confirm the order details. If there are any changes or mistakes, then feel free to contact us for the same.

Your order is as follows:

200 Yamaha bicycles of model number 4-h(all colours included in equal numbers) to be sent within 10 days which is 21st March 2011.

Price per cycle: $55

We are happy to inform you that we are absolutely fine with the delivery time offered to us and are willing to offer you a discount of $50 on the total amount.

Thank you once again

Bill Nathan