Tender Request Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Hudson,

KDMC Construction Materials,



Mr Harry,

MMRDA Constructions Ltd,


Dear Mr Harry,

I am writing this letter to put forward a request for providing the tender for the construction materials to KDMC Construction Materials for the new project which your firm has undertaken on the outskirts of this city. We have been a part of each other’s progress and prosperity and hence it is for this reason that I request you to help us in the tragic times.

I am completely aware of the fact that our name has been tarnished for the recent developments in our firm. But, I assure you that the cleaning has been done and we are up for a new start. We are looking forward to develop the same kind of trust in the construction companies which we once enjoyed and support from old companions like your firm can only help us in this context. I am looking forward for a favourable and quick reply from your side.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Hudson