Teacher Complaint Letter

By | March 3, 2011

Ms. Parvati Ganesh

Khozanipur, Faizabad

December 16, 2011

Mr. Faakhir Jana

Human Resources Officer

Faizabad Institute

Goshainganj, Faizabad

Dear Mr. Jana,

I hereby express my complaint over the unprofessional conduct of Mr. Narahari Malik who is a teacher at the university.  Mr. Malik was a teacher of mine in a science subject last semester.  In the course of the classes, he always came to class late.  Because he comes late, he also dismisses the class late.  This affects the daily schedule of students like me who have classes every hour.  I have already aired my complaint to Mr. Malik but he ignored my complaint and threatened to drop me from the class.

I am only airing my complaint now that the semester is finished and I have passed the course.  I was scared of complaining earlier for fear that I will be dropped from the class.  I do hope that you would act on this matter soon so that other students will not experience what I did.

Thank you.


Ms. Parvati Ganesh