Table Of Contents Marketing Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Brad,

Head of marketing department,

End Star Medication Aids,



Mrs Raven,

Marketing manager,

End Star Medication Aids,


Dear Mrs Raven,

I, Mr Brad, the head of the marketing department for the End Star Medication Aids, am writing this letter to elucidate certain areas of concern in our department. The inspection by the inspection team has pointed out certain areas where we need to up the ante in our performance. I have assured the inspection officers that the purpose of the inspection shall be served and I am affirmative that you not leave any stone unturned to fulfil my words. The areas of concern and the things which are needed to be taken care of have been mentioned in the table of contents which has been enclosed along with this letter.

Any problem in getting the things at par should be reported to me within no time and I am hopeful that the inspection team shall not be disappointed when they make their next inspection visit in the coming month of August.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Brad