Simple Business Letter

By | June 11, 2009

Glendale F, Dunder

2212 Rodeo Drive

West Hollywood, Ca


Dear Glendale,

This is to inform you of the items discussed at our meeting last week. Effective June 1, the company will hold staff meetings on Friday from 8am to 10 am. The agenda of discussion will be overall effectiveness of the new software, proposed solutions for the identified weaknesses and determine staff members who will work on launching of the new website.

At the end of the meetings, you will be in charge of drafting a summary report which will be reviewed by the steering committee. We also elected you as the person to represent the company during the special congress meeting to be held in Washington DC. You will be expected to present how our company is able to stay afloat a midst the shaky economy.

I believe this letter covers all the points we discussed. If you have any question you can visit me at my office.


Ruth Reynolds