Service Recovery Apology Letter

By | November 7, 2014

A service recovery apology letter is written by an individual or a company to apologize for the delay in service recovery. When companies provide services, they need to provide recovery services as well and when they fail to do that these types of letters are written. The letter must mention the reason for the delay and the necessary actions taken for the same. The letter has a formal tone and below given is a sample of the same.

Sample Service Recovery Apology Letter:


Mr. Walter Scott

678 Marking Lane

Lutherville, Maryland

Dated: 08.20.2014

Dear Mr. Scott

Subject: Service recovery apology letter

I am writing this letter to apologize for the delay in the service recovery arrangements that our company needed to provide you regarding the internet modem installation.

You have been our loyal customer and even after you moved to a different location you stayed with our company for which we are really honored. I understand that the initial installation raised certain problems and we promised to send a service recovery team at the earliest. But due to the storms there have been several maintenance calls and that is why your service recovery request got stalled.

But be rest assured that we will be sending you a team of experienced professionals within 2 days who will fix the entire problem. Once again we are sorry for this inconvenience caused and we will make it up to you. Do reach out to us in case you need any more information.

Yours sincerely

Peter Bishop

Vericon, Service Manager