School Fundraising Solicitation Letter

By | May 5, 2015

A school fundraising solicitation letter is a letter which is written by a person or party to request someone to help raise funds for a school or for a purpose related to a school. The letter is a kind of a solicitation to another individual so that the money can be used for charitable reasons or purposes. A sample of a school fundraising solicitation letter is given below.

Sample School Fundraising Solicitation Letter:


David Bernard Parkson

Owner, Parkson group of companies

Q-23, second floor, Henderson tower

Jackson Avenue, Putney

London, UK

Date: 17th June 2014

Subject: school fundraising solicitation letter

Dear Mr. Parkson

I, Timothy Arnold, the founder of blind school fund am writing this letter to you to make a request regarding the development and improvement of the school that we are building. We wish to invite you to a fundraising event which will be raising money for this school.

The fundraising event is to be held on 30th June 2014 from 10 am onwards and will be a fashion show where clothes made by blind students will be displayed. Your presence at this event will be very important for us and would help you get more insight into our cause and initiative.  You can bring alone one more guest with you and the way to donate is to participate in auction of the clothes put on display.

The school will benefit a lot by your donation and support. Looking forward to having you there.

Thanking you

Timothy Arnold