Scholarship letter template

Sampel Scholarship letter template

(Your Name)

(Street Address)

(House No)

(Block No)

(City & Zip)

(Recipients Name)


(College Name)

(Street Address)

(House No)

(Block No)

(City & Zip)

Subject: Scholarship Application for (write the name of the scholarship program or the College name and stream you are interested for.)

Dear Mr (Write his surname),

I have come across this advertisement in ( mention the mode of advertisement) that talks about your College (write college name) offering scholarship to interested students in the field of (write the name of the subject.)  I have always been interested in this subject (write the name of the subject) and would appreciate to get an opportunity to know more.

Please take note of my academic qualifications

School: (Name of School and year of pass out)

College: (Name of college and year of pass out)

Subject :( Majored in which subject)

Grades: (Past Grades).

Also find attached (Please list out all the documents you are sensing along with this letter)

Waiting for your revert

Your name.

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