Sample Warning Letter

By | November 16, 2011


John Wesson,

Manager, Sales Department

Carl Tyres,

31 Avenue, New York

November 10, 2011

Subject: Warning against indecency and inappropriate behaviour

Dear Mr Wesson,

This letter serves as a written warning for a verbal altercation that occurred between you and Ms Donna Richards last evening at about 5 o’clock in your department. When Ms Richards was late in bringing the final reports of the evening, you used indecent language towards her and behaved unprofessionally with her in front of other employees.

We have received a complaint from Ms Richards and I talked to other witnesses who were present during the altercation. You have been in a similar situation before too where you verbally abused a secretary. In this company, we do not tolerate such behaviour by our employees and you are being formally warned that should such behaviour continue, strict action will be taken against you.

With regards,

Yours truly,

Kate Jackson

Head, HR department