Sample Volunteer Thank you Letter

By | October 19, 2008

Volunteer thank you letter

Join Hands Foundation


[Rohini Jha]
[24, Harrison Road,]

[2nd June, 2004.]

Dear [Rohini],

On behalf of [Join Hands Foundation] I would like to thank you sincerely for sparing your valuable time and helping us in our [Each one Teach one] project.

It is only with the help of volunteers like you that we have been able to take up such yeoman service in the society.

We sincerely thank you once again and hope that you would continue to extend your valuable support in our future programs also.

Thanking You,


[Pallavi Kumar]

One thought on “Sample Volunteer Thank you Letter

  1. veeru

    my professor told that “thanking yoy” is wrong. bu when i saw in the net it was found by me can you plz clatify my doubts

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