Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

By | October 7, 2008

Scholarship Recommendation Letter


Jean Fernandez,

Department of English,

University of Madras,



The Scholarship Selection Committee,

John Milton Scholarship Foundation,


29th September, ’08.

I hereby wish to recommend (Mr. Richard Brown) for the (John Milton Scholarship Award).  I have known (Mr. Richard Brown) for the past (4 years) that he has been a student in our Department.

(Mr. Richard Brown) has been a very sincere and diligent student whose hard-work is a constant source of inspiration for the other students.  He has always excelled in his academics and stands among the top 2% in his class.  He has won many prizes in both academic and extra-curricular activities.

His achievements stand out all the more because of the financial problems that he has to deal with on a day to day basis.   He works part-time in the Department Library and also takes on part-time teaching jobs in the community to enable him pay his college fees.

However, the financial problems have never interfered with his enthusiasm and motivation to finish his Graduate and Post Graduate Studies.  His sincerity and dedication have earned him many top honors in the University.

I sincerely recommend (Mr. Richard Brown) for the (John Milton Scholarship Award).



(Jean Fernandez)

2 thoughts on “Sample Scholarship Recommendation Letter

  1. Tadesse Melesse

    I have been admitted to a Masters programme by ISS. Now I want to apply for scholarship to some sponsoring institution to cover for me the finacial requirements needed in attending my further education. However, needed are support letter fro my current employer. Besides, I need to write an essay which should explain that I am the right person to accept scholarship and /or financial support. Can you help me in this respect Please?

  2. Neema

    I do encounter the same problem as my colleagues- plesae any body to rescue! Thanking you in advance.

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