Sample Friend Thank you Letter

Friend thank you letter


Pooja Singh

234, Park View Apartments


23rd March, 2005.

Dear Pooja,

It is indeed very rare in this day and age to find true friends on whom we can completely rely and trust. Yet, when we do find such true friends, it is also so easy to take them for granted.

But today I would like to thank you for being my friend and making that special difference in my life.

With best wishes,



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  1. Uru says:

    That is such a sweet letter. <3 God bless your friendship.

  2. Max says:

    Why is the name Pooja Singh? Anyway, singh is actually the last name of one of MY friends.

  3. bryle nouvelle says:

    this very sweet lwtter

  4. Rasali says:

    its very touching their are 1000 words in between this line…… god bless you

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