Sample Employee Recommendation Letter

By | October 7, 2008

Sample letter of Recommendation from former employee

To Whomsoever It May Concern

As (Vice President, Project Development, Global InfoTech), I am pleased to recommend (Ms. Rebecca Winter) to you.  (Ms. White) has been a key player in our (Project Development Team), and in that capacity she has worked closely with me on more than (14 different Projects) in the past (two years and three months).

In the period that I have interacted with (Ms. Rebecca White), she not only came across as a very professionally competent person, but also a very friendly and compassionate co-worker.  Her contribution to the various projects has been exemplary.  Her dedication, hard-work and sincerity have enabled her to be a quick-learner on the job.  She has been more than willing to take on additional responsibility when the call of duty so warranted.  On one instance, she had to take on the additional responsibility of a co-worker who had fallen ill, and she readily took on the additional work and ensured that the Project deadline was met.

Though the company regrets losing her, we understand her need to re-locate so as to be with her husband.  I would fully and whole-heartedly recommend (Ms. Rebecca White) to you, as she would be a definite asset to your company.

Yours Sincerely,


(John Wright)

(Vice President-Project Development)

(Global InfoTech)

One thought on “Sample Employee Recommendation Letter

  1. LetterFail

    What’s wrong with this? ” I am pleased to recommend (Ms. Rebecca Winter) to you. (Ms. White)…” hard to believe you are giving letter writing advice!

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