Sample Business Request Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Crawl,

Marketing Manager,

DYPT Pharmaceuticals,



Mrs Jane,

Head of Marketing Department,

DYPT Pharmaceuticals,


Dear Mrs Jane,

I am writing this letter to put forward a request at your disposal. Wedding bells have rung for me and I am going to get married next month, provided you help me in this cause. The thing is my marriage is scheduled to happen in Thailand and hence it is for this purpose that I request you to grant me a leave for a period of 3 weeks. The period of 3 weeks seems very vast; but I have also managed to get some holidays for my honeymoon. I wish that the company values my personal commitments and help me fulfil them in the desired way.

I assure you that all the work shall be completed in time, if not before the deadline as usual. The company’s purpose shall not be hampered and I shall work to compensate for the time of leave. I hope to hear an affirmative reply.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Jane