Sales Recommendation Letter

By | March 10, 2009

Mrs. Very Nice, 


House Mart, 

25 Market Street, 


25th January 2007, 

Dear Mrs. Nice, 

This letter is to recommend to you the cleaning products of the Bust the Dust Company. We at General Stores have been stocking Bust the Dust products for more than ten years and have noted that many of our regular customers prefer Bust the Dust products to any other cleaning product we have stocked.  

Bust the Dust Company specializes in heavy duty as well as home use cleaning agents. Their products range from detergents to polishing creams. Their prices are competitive. Your customers will buy nothing else when they discover Bust the Dust products.  

For more information on their range of products, visit their website at www. bustthedust .com.  

Yours truly, 

John Clean, 


General Stores