Retirement messages

By | January 25, 2011

Retirement is an occasion when a person has to bid good bye to a company or an organization not by choice but by the age limit criteria. Hence it can be an emotional occasion for most people. The best way to express your thoughts to the retiring person is by sending a retirement message.

The following are a few types of retirement messages:

  • Retirement message to colleague
  • Retirement message to boss
  • Retirement message to friend


Sometimes it is difficult to put words to thoughts while framing a retirement message. The following suggestions and hints will prove to be helpful:

  1. Make the message seem genuine and not artificial or forced. So it’s always better to have a well written message.
  2. Be brief. No one likes to read long and boring messages.
  3. The message can contain wishes for the future after retirement.
  4. If you have worked with the recipient, then you can mention a few incidences shared together.