Resignation Letter of Teacher

By | August 18, 2010


The Principal

Richmond primary school

33 Belle view Road

Humming Tower

Dallas 547

Date: August 6, 2010

RE: Letter of resignation

Dear Sir

I hereby submit my request to be released from my contractual position as primary school teacher at Richmond Primary School. I propose my resignation date as 6th November 2010, which therefore allows me a prior notice of 3 months.

The reason for my resignation is that I have accepted a position elsewhere as a personal assistant to the CEO of Future Group. While working as a teacher at your school was a most rewarding and fulfilling experience, I would like to explore few other avenues to further my career and get experience.

Until my request is granted I am prepare to carry out my current duties. I understand my request will be forwarded to the school board and till then the existing contract remains effective.

Yours’ sincerely

Mary Poppins