Realtor Announcement Letter

By | November 11, 2014

A realtor announcement letter is a formally drafted and written letter which is used for the purpose of announcing a new realtor to an organization of realtors or any other workplace. Such a letter must talk about the realtor and should introduce him to the recipient/recipients of the letter.

Sample Realtor Announcement Letter:


Community members

Real Estate community of Putney

D-56, Estate road, Putney

London, United Kingdom

Date: 19th May 2014

Subject: realtor announcement letter

Respected Members,

I, Fred Johnson, on behalf of the Real estate community of Putney am writing this letter to you all to announce a new realtor who has been added to our community. I am proud to introduce Mr. Xavier Fernandez and hope that you all will welcome him warmly.

Mr. Fernandez is a new realtor who has just started his real estate business in London. He has bought an office in Putney and has thus joined this welfare community. As a goodwill gesture, I would request you to kindly help him out if he faces any trouble setting up his business. He will be attending the next community meeting on 25th May 2014 and we would be giving him a welcome there in front of you all.

Real estate community of Putney was originally set up to encourage a feeling of goodwill and friendliness between the realtors of this area and to avoid any bitter feelings against competitors. Hope we are on the right track and willing to welcome new members.

Thanking you all

Fred Johnson