Purchase Order Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Peter Parkinson

45-H, second floor

Top Row tower

New York

Respected Mr. Parkinson

Subject: This letter is to place a purchase order

This is to inform you that we wish to place a purchase order of the basket balls produced by your company ‘Potter’s rubber products’. We have selected your brand after enough consideration and thought. You have impressed us with your product proposal and we would like you to deliver our order as soon as possible.

The purchase order is as follows:

A lot of 100 basket balls. We are willing to pay an amount of $15 per ball which amounts to a total of $1500. We would be really happy and satisfied if we receive the delivery within 15 days from today. If any ball is faulty or not as per the order then it will be returned as it is.

Wish to have future correspondence with you.

Bill Henry



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