Proposal Approval Letter

By | July 11, 2014

Granting approval or permission to any kind of proposal ranging from business, engineering, research etc through a formal letter is called a proposal approval letter. It should focus on what proposal is about and reason for granting approval. A sample proposal approval letter has been given below for help.

Sample Proposal Approval Cover Letter


The Project Manager,
ABC Ltd,
#4, Builder Street,

28th May 2014

Sub : proposal approval letter

Dear Sir,

I am delighted to inform you of the board’s consent of your excellent proposal about managing and planning DFG project. It was by far the finest and most cost-effective of all those we received. We believe your ideas are practical and would like to have you serve on our board to execute them. We agree to the proposal including the budget of 20,000 pounds for the project which seemed quite practical and reasonable to our board members.

We are Enclosing our policies and procedures handbook along with this proposal approval letter which has to be complied with during the project tenure. Please read it carefully and call me if you have any questions. If you can comply with our work conditions provided along with this letter, please call me before weekend to discuss the legal implications of your proposal. I trust you will keep us apprised of your progress with regular reports.

You are welcome to come to my office this week which you need to inform us in the next two days so that we can organize travel and other logistics for you.

Anticipating your reply soon.

Yours sincerely,

Jerrie Johnson

Project Head

PQR Limited