Proposal Acceptance Thank You Letter

By | November 27, 2014

Proposal acceptance thank you letter is a formal acceptance document by the any organization to another business or organization, which has accepted any proposal from the former organization. It is good to show gratitude to the organization and the best way to show this is by writing a thank you letter. A good thank you letter helps to strengthen business relationships with the organisation. This will help to be in assertive terms with the company. The letter is cordial in tone.

Sample Charity Event Thank You Letter


Stephen Herriot,

Y. R Films

6, Old Street,

Chicago, USA


Date: 5th august 2014


Sub: Proposal Acceptance Thank You Letter


Dear Mr. Herriot,

Touch a Life will like to express heart full thanks for your generous acceptance of our proposal. Your donation was a great help to 200 homeless needy people in the cultural event. The event was a great success which would not have been possible without your kind donation. Your participation in the event is highly appreciated by us.

Your donation of $150, 00 has helped us to extend medical facilities to 200 underprivileged children in the neighborhood. Donations that people have made in the past have helped us in providing education, job training, and serving with food and clothes to the financially backward people. In the event many people had turned up for supporting our cause.

As we continue to grow we further look for your support in future. Without your additional support much of these works couldn’t have been done. We are truly thankful to all our supporters for taking part in this benevolent event. Thank you once again for considering our proposal.

Yours sincerely,

Maria Stevenson

Executive member, Touch a Life NGO.