Property Appraisal Appeal Letter

By | May 22, 2013


Kurt Bane

Appraisal Department Head

Real Estate Appraisal Authority

89 Moore Rose Avenue

Sin City, Las Vegas 8976

Dated: 6th of June 2012

Subject: Letter for appraisal of property

Respected Mr. Bane,

This letter is to appeal for the appraisal of the property owned by me located at 56 Oxford High Lane, Sin City Las Vegas 8956.

I am looking forward to apply for a business loan for an amount of one million dollars from one of the privatized banks. As per the requirement of the banks I will have to submit details of assets and liabilities owned by me. One such detail is the property appraisal report. I would request you to send a property appraisal inspector and valuate the cost of the property. The property is a three storied house located on an area of two thousand square feet. There is a garage in the ground floor and also a basement. There is a small garden behind the house. There are also few other details required to be mentioned in the property appraisal report that are necessary for meeting the requirement of the bank.

I request you to consider my appeal and looking forward to your reply.


Garry Lawyer