Professional Services Proposal Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Benson,

Spic-N-Span Cleaning services,



Mr Warrington,

Durban Warehouse,


Dear Mr Warrington,

I, Mr Benson, from the Spic-N-Span Cleaning services, am writing this letter to put forward an application for becoming the cleaning accomplice for the Durban Warehouse. This application has been drafted in response to the advertisement put forward on behalf of the Durban Warehouse in the ‘Daily Times’. I would like to exploit this opportunity to elucidate the fact that we provide better cleaning services than the majority of the other cleaning services put together. We deal with cleaning as an intrigue process wherein the cleaning task is completed in stages resulting in the no damage but extreme cleanliness of the Warehouse.

Also, we indulge in testing of the cleaning chemicals for specific places like warehouses before going for the actual cleaning process. This avoids any disaster to take place on the working site. We shall provide no scope for any grievance, provided the cleaning opportunity lands in our favour.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Benson