Professional Letter Layout

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Stevenson,

Marketing manager,

Durban Mall,



Marketing Staff,

Durban Mall,


Dear staff people,

I, Mr Stevenson, the marketing manager for the Durban Mall, feel extreme pride and honour in announcing the news that our department has been awarded the title of ‘Most Efficient Department of the Mall’. It has been wonderful experience of winning this title for 5 years on a stretch. This accomplishment has been so phenomenal that the authorities of the Durban Mall have decided to gift a week long holiday leave to all the staff members of the marketing department of the Durban Mall.

I am extremely proud and honoured to have such an efficient team, which completes almost all the assignments in the desired way before the deadline. This award and honour to out department puts severe onus on our team to excel in a more comprehensive way in the coming years and I am very mush affirmative of this dream coming into reality. Expressing pleasure in working with you,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Stevenson