Professional Letter Example

By | July 16, 2011


Mrs Lawrence,

Class 5 Teacher,

Victor High School,



Mr Seamus,


Victor High School,


Dear Mr Seamus,

This letter has surfaced out of severe desperation and I hope that this letter serves the satisfaction of my desperation. The thing is that my personal relationship has gone for a spin in the recent times and the ambience on the personal front has been very tense. This is the very reason that I am not able to concentrate on my job commitments. The irritability which has developed in me has resulted in rude behaviour which is extremely undesirable for a teacher.

I have found solution for all the problems and I need to execute it at the earliest. However, I need a week’s time for this purpose. Hence, I, hereby, apply for a week long leave for fulfilling this purpose. I am hopeful that you shall help me in getting things on track. I assure you that the students shall not lose any quality in teachings. Hoping for an affirmative reply,

Yours faithfully,

Mrs Lawrence