Professional Legal Letter

By | August 16, 2010

6th Aug 2010,

Mr. John Grisham,

Technical Industries,

XXX Street


Dear John,

This is to inform you that the check you have sent for the payment regarding the delivery of goods was bounced. The delivery of goods was on 20th July 2010, and you have paid through check on 25th July 2010. As per the terms of our agreement you remain to pay $10,000 and we have repeatedly requested of this amount over due.

Under our sales conditions you agreed to refund the material as per invoice 7659, to our store. We have delayed legal proceedings up to now. Please send the payment based on our agreement or the balance in full within one week of receipt of this letter. Otherwise, we shall have no alternative but to commence the legal action for payment recovery.

We must hear from you within the time limit.

Yours truly,

Gim Clare

Finance Manager,