Promotion Letters

By | July 16, 2011


Effective ‘Promotion’ letters from Employer to Employees foster incentive for work and generate motivation in the Staff. They must contain praise of the positive services of the employee and link it up with the promotion. They should send a clear message to the Staff that promotion has to be ‘earned’ and not to be taken for granted. Although, a promotion letter is addressed to a particular individual, such letters are shared by the recipient with his colleagues and thereby, the message is circulated to all the Staff.

Promotion letters are intended for ‘Record’ and go into the personal files (dossiers) of the Staff. Hence, they must be carefully worded in order to satisfy legal requirements and not set a precedent to all employees to ‘demand’ promotion.

Promotion letters should be Congratulatory in tone and show appreciation of the good work of the concerned employee.

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