Police Inquiry Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Presley,

B-14, Galaxy Towers Apartments,

Flower Boulevard,



The Police Officer In-Charge,

Flower Boulevard Police Station,


Dear sir/ madam,

This letter has been drafted on behalf of the residents of the Galaxy Towers Apartments. The letter seeks for the details of the various permissions required to be secured for holding an exhibition-cum-fare in the Broken Boulevard. The memorable day of July 4 is approaching and all the residents of the Galaxy Towers Apartments have decided to hold an exhibition on this occasion. The details regarding all the various programmes to be organised have been enclosed along with this letter. We, hereby, seek your help in organising a peaceful exhibition.

We are doing this job of organising an exhibition for the first time and hence we need guidance regarding the permissions to be secured before holding such an exhibition. We also need to be told about the different departments from which the respective permissions are required to be secured. Waiting for a favourable and a quick response from your side,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Presley