Personal Employment Reference Letter

By | December 29, 2014

A personal employment reference letter is a letter which is written by a person to another to make a personal recommendation for certain job position. The letter states the name of the candidate who is being recommended along with all the reasons of his/her suitability for employment at that position. A sample of a personal employment reference letter is given below.

Sample Personal Employment Reference Letter


Jennifer Winget, George Winget

A-44, first floor timothy building

Park Avenue, 5th street, Putney


Date: 6th May 2014

Subject: personal employment reference letter

Dear Mrs. and Mr. Winget,

I, Sarah Anderson am writing this letter to you in order to make a recommendation for Miss Patricia Ahern as a nanny for your 2 year old daughter. Miss Ahern has been a nanny for my two kids for 3 years and I can say it with surety that you won’t be able to find anyone better than her for the job.

Miss Ahern has proved herself to be remarkably responsible, loving and extremely caring.  She is a young yet very confident woman who is presentable, experienced and can fulfil a variety of tasks. She is familiar with the tasks that need to be done and also holds a remarkable talent for diagnosing small issues in babies which we cannot detect ourselves at times. She is a good teacher for the kids as well and never behaves roughly with them. You can call me if you have any queries or further requirement of assurance.

Thanking you

Sarah Anderson

Mb. 7987966890