Permission Letters

By | November 16, 2011

A permission letter has legal connotation as any activity conducted without permission from the concerned authority is likely to cause punishment. The letter acts as a proof of permission given and can be produced at the time of legal disputes. The permission letter may be issued by an educational institution allowing the students to arrange an excursion or a business firm can authorize an employee to take up the role of another employee in the office.

The content of the permission letters should focus on the following parts mainly:

  • The name of the person to whom consent is given has to be set in full stating both the first and the last name.
  • The field of permission should be specified which should clearly lay down the actions granted through it. One letter should contain one such area.
  • The individual dates should be provided to confirm the exact time of conducting the actions since permission letters are not permanent.
  • Signature of the person along with his designation has to be pointed out for validation of the permission because only a certain individual has the right to grant it.
  • It is sometimes important to mention that the authority will stand responsible for negative consequences.

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