Permission Letter for Industrial Visit

By | November 16, 2011


Bill Martin

F-90, first floor

Greg building, New York

23rd June 2011

Respected Mr. Martin


On behalf of the authorities and board of ‘Martins senior high school’ I wish to inform you that our school is organising an industrial visit to ‘Kell industries’ on 27th June 2011 from 11 am onwards. We wish to ask for your permission as the guardian of ‘Max Martin’ for the same. Your child has expressed his individual desire to visit the industry for educational purpose.

In case you wish to grant him the permission, then please reply to this letter with your consent and even if you have objections of any kind, do feel free to express it in your reply stating the reasons for the same.

Lunch shall be provided to your child on the visit and would be sent back home on the regular time.

Thanking you

Fred Nicholson



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