Order Letters

By | November 16, 2011

Order letters draft the specific orders of a company that are sent to the dealer. The orders are given in written for formal reservation of items and merchandise. Thus the specifications should be checked and revised properly as any error in the information is liable to cause huge losses for the company. The letter should be complete with all the desired information related to the business transaction.

The components of order letters have been provided here under:

  • The details of the merchandise have to be put in responsibly by indicating the quantity and category of the products.
  • Payment plans and procedures must be disclosed in the letter to facilitate purchase processes and avoid billing confusion or inadequacies.
  • The expected date and time of delivery should be stated. This helps in understanding the need of the company or urgency of the situation.
  • The letter must delegate the location and contact details appropriately without which it would be practically impossible for the suppliers to deliver the products.
  • Since this serves as a legal confirmation of purchase transactions, the signature and date of placing the order has to be duly provided.
  • The letter should demand an inquiry regarding the delivery mode of products also.

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