Order Letter Template

By | November 16, 2011


Name of recipient [Give name of candidate]

Address [Mention address of recipient]

Date [Mention date of sending this letter]

Subject [Write down the subject of the letter in less than 10 words]

Dear _______ [Put down salutation and name of the recipient with an appropriate title]

I would like to place an order with your store or firm _______________ [mention the name of the store/ firm]. The items I would like to order are mentioned in the list given below:

Name                                      Particulars                                   Quantity

[Name all the items]              [Give details, if any]                  [Quantity required]

  1. ____________________      _______________________    ___________________
  2. ____________________      _______________________    ___________________
  3. ____________________      _______________________    ___________________

Kindly send all the items only as per the particulars given. We would like to receive the order latest by _________ [specify the date and time till which the order must be delivered].

Yours sincerely

Name [write the name of the sender]

Address [mention the address/ company address of the sender]