Office Letters

By | July 16, 2011

Office letters are formally written documents with strong purpose and business needs. In the corporate realm, it forms the foundation on which the decision, alliance and endeavour of all business enterprises rests. As one gets sickened with the manner in which daily office letters of proposal, sales, apology, research, credit and announcement are fed, the energy and creativity of the same needs to be constantly preserved and replenished.

Therefore, the content of office letters must be translucent and give away the objective. The body should be precise and tightly worded so that it can assert the purpose right away. Florid language or adornment with literary notations is a strict no-no while writing it. The most effective recipe for turning an assemblage of words into an institution with a life of its own is its minimalism in all respects.

The following points must be taken care of while writing office letters:

  • It must be assigned a subject and reference in the start.
  • The first paragraph should carry the gist of the matter.
  • It should be made clear what the receiver is expected to do after reading the letter.
  • The timeframe of acting to the letter must be evidently laid down.

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