Nurse Resignation Letter

By | October 10, 2011

Sarah Jacob,

8123 F Blackstone Ave

Chicago, IL 60619


Dr. Philip Thomas

Manager (HR)

Richmond Hospital

Chicago, IL 60619

31st July, 2011.

Sub: Resignation from the post of Nurse

Dear Sir,

I request you to kindly accept my resignation from the post of Nurse in your hospital.  Please treat this letter as the one month notice I need to give to resign from the post, effective from 31st August, 2011.

I wish to pursue further studies and improve my qualifications to enable me to have better career prospects.  I have recently qualified in the entrance exams for Specialized Nurses Training and I wish to pursue it.

I shall be only too glad to complete any other formalities which are required from my end.  I also request you to let me know about the handing over of my uniform and other things in my custody.

Thanking You,


Sarah Jacob