Negative Consent Letter

By | September 16, 2014

When you write a letter that specifies the course of action you will take if the recipient does not respond to your letter, then this communication is called a negative consent letter. This type of letter can be formal or personal depending upon the recipient. The most important thing in this type of letter is to remember that the writer needs to mention in detail all the things that will happen if there is no response. A sample letter is given below:

Sample Negative Consent Letter


Spencer Hastings

ABC Head Quarters


New Jersey

Dated: 08.01.2014


Miss Hastings

Subject: Negative Consent Letter

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of the Southern Management team to remind you that confirmation for renting an apartment in our community is due for 6th of August.  In case you do not respond by then, the apartment reserved for you will be allotted to the next person in line.

Please understand that the Southern Management receives a lot of applications each day and we try and allot apartments to the applicants on a first come first service basis. Since your inspection of the apartment that was allotted to you has also been complete you need to confirm your choice and complete all the paperwork and pay the deposit money to reserve the apartment for yourself.

If you do not take the apartment you will not be refunded the application fee that you paid while filling the details. We hope to hear from you soon.


Dale Hussey

Managing Director

Southern Management