Missed Appointment Letter

By | October 27, 2014

A missed appointment letter is written by a person or an organization to another person or a company to inform them that they have missed an already scheduled appoint. These types of letters are written in various different situations like is one misses a job interview, a parent teacher meeting, a doctor’s appointment or even a car inspection appointment. The letter must mention as to what was intended to be discussed during this meeting and why the next appointment is necessary. A sample letter for reference is given below.

Sample Missed Appointment Letter:


Mrs. Tamara O’Shay

76 Washington Drive

Silver Spring, Maryland

Dated: 08.20.2014

Dear Tamara

Subject: Missed Appointment Letter

This letter is to inform you that you had an appointment with me on 08.19.2014 as a follow-up in your pregnancy and you have missed it.

I hope you are well and I hoped to see you to make sure that you and your child were doing fine. This is the second trimester of your pregnancy and these check-ups are mandatory. My records suggest that your last medication tenure is over and also that it is time for a new medication cycle to start. Please schedule an appointment with me at the earliest for the safety and good health of you and your baby.

You also need to understand that since you missed the appointment and did not reschedule it, we will have to charge you the regular appointment fee. I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely

Dr. Kay Sullivan