By | October 13, 2011

Messages are verbal or non-verbal information conveyed and communicated either formally or informally. These form the crux of the communication taking place between formally functioning organizations or among the various vertical and horizontal levels within an organization.

The information is transmitted via wires, satellites, papers, or by mouth, gestures and expressions. Some offices hire professional messengers to send errands and letters that sometimes mark the landmark decisions of a company. Thus messages are not simply ideas put into words but are whole and evocative stimuli that carry the potential to bring momentum to many enterprises.

Messages should be reader-friendly and concise so that the reader can quickly grasp the meaning conveyed through it and avoid undue wastage of time. It should be watched out that messages are not leaked out into undesirable interfaces as the entire company may have to bear the brunt of wrong reception and misinterpretation of the information.

Most firms have been facing abysmal communication losses due to faulty transmission of messages with respect to the following fields:

  • Secrecy and privacy of messages maintained
  • Time limit of transmission
  • Proper expression of the ideas
  • Clarity and lucidity of language
  • Promptness in action
  • Complete conveyance instead of partial

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