By | December 1, 2010

A memo, the shortened form of memorandum, is a document that records any event or policy decision or any point that is raised in a business meeting or an office meeting. It functions as an aid to memory, and it can either have any format, or the format of the memo might vary from office to office. Certain things that a memo can note are as follows:

  • Policy decisions taken at a business meeting
  • Record of financial transactions
  • Records of opinions, and views expressed in the meeting
  • General record of the progress of a meeting

Memos can run to several pages, or they can concise and to the point summaries of the main issues discussed. They are extremely crucial and have many important uses. Some of the most important and common uses of memos are as follows:

  1. Memos can be used to record details of a business meeting. They are indispensable solutions in case of misunderstanding or altercations regarding the issues discussed in a business meeting, or the decisions taken.
  2. Memos provide a semblance of order in the proceedings of a company. It has ritualistic significance, and it is part of the symbolism of a company. It lends a degree of professionalism to an office and helps clarify tricky issues.

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