Meeting / Appointment Confirmation Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Scott,

Human Resource Officer,

Reliable Telecommunications Ltd,

Cape Town


Mr Botha,


Table Mountain By-lane 6,

Cape Town

Dear Mr Botha,

I, Mr Scott, the human resource officer from the Reliable Telecommunications Ltd, Cape Town, feel glad to make you aware of the fact that you have been appointed as the junior telecomm engineer for the firm. As you may be aware of the fact that you shall serve for a period of 18 months including the 4 months of training and then you shall be given the designation of the Engineer for the Reliable Telecommunications Ltd. The scores, which you have secured, and the vigour, which you have showed during the interview, have taken us by surprise and we are impressed by your academic performance.

You may join your job from the 1st of next month and can showcase this letter as you appointment letter when asked by the concerned person at the office. We are hopeful that you shall impress us the same way like your academic performance did.

Yours faithfully,

Mr Scott