Medical School Admission Letter

By | November 23, 2014

Medical school admission letter is a letter by a student who wishes to pursue his career in medical science. The letter is written to the dean of the medical institution seeking admission in his college. The letter includes the achievements of the student throughout his academic career.

Sample Medical School Admission Letter:


Mr. Joseph Herriot


National Medical College

Chicago, USA


Date: 19th August 19, 2014


Sub: Admission letter for medical school


Dear Mr.Herrriot

I am writing this letter to seek admission in the master degree program in medicine from your medical school. I am pursuing MBBS from the National Medical College, Boston. My dedication and determination in medicine have urged me to take up medicine as one of the main subjects in my graduation.

I hope to serve the society with my benevolent service. I believe the graduate program in your college will help me to work towards my dreams. I understand that it’s an honor to achieve a degree in Medicine from your prestigious institution. It also offers the best faculty and practical experience with the course. I believe that my consistently good performance in my academic career, practice and indulgence in extracurricular activities provides me the qualification to take part in the master degree program. I believe that the opportunity to study in your institution will help me to excel in future.

I have attached a reference letter from the dean of my previous institution with this letter. I hope my background in medical science will make me suitable for this master degree program. Other needed documents are attached with the letter. Thank you for considering my application.

Yours sincerely

Richard Stevenson