Medical Reference Letter

By | June 11, 2009

A medical reference letter is issued to give notice of a person’s medical history with the indication that it will go a long way in shedding some light on the person’s overall status. This is usually required when a person has been inducted into an organization and may stand to benefit from a medical cover life or a health policy. It may be issued by his personal doctor or a designated doctor to the company that is hiring him or the contracted policy issuer. 

Sample Medical Reference Letter.  

Policy Manager,

Prolife Insurance Limited,

4th Medieval Street,

98909 West Brook,


8th June 2006 

Dear Sir, 


The person named above is my patient and has had few serious afflictions in his life to date. Apart from a once broken left arm, a mole on his face and an allergy to meat and mat products, he lives a healthy, wholesome life for a thirty three year old. His arm is completely healed, his mole history and is a sanctimonious vegetarian, as the attached records will show. His dental condition is in an immaculate condition and he routinely comes in every four months for a full physical and records commonly low cases of bacterial and viral infections once in awhile which we give him medication for. Any further information you may require will provided gladly. 

Yours truly, 

Solomon Zion, Dr.