Medical Leave of Absence Letter from Doctor

By | June 10, 2015

Medical leave of absence letter from doctor is a form of letter serves as an official document of the patient proving that he or she has a medical problem and medical treatment needs to be done. In order for you take a medical leave, it must be from the advise of your attending physician.

Sample Medical Leave of Absence Letter from Doctor

James Hard M.D.

Doctor in Austin hospital

555 Diamond Drive

LA, California, 89901

May 26, 2015

Erica Soriano

Head in Human Resource

ABC Company

31st Rock Road

LA, California, 89901

Dear Ms. Erica Soriano,

I am writing this letter to formally excuse Ms. Georgia Jones, who is my patient, from her work effective immediately until the end of June 2015. My patient was recently diagnosed with Pneumonia and I advised her to be admitted in the hospital for close monitoring and immediate treatment will be given to her.

Ms. Georgia Jones is expected to have a follow up check up before the date of her returning to your workplace. This will be my basis if she needs additional bed rest and medical leave or may fit to go back to work.

Kindly contact me at my clinic in Austin Hospital with the following telephone numbers: 900 8888/ 992 8890 if you have any concerns and queries about my recommendations to your employee. Thank you for giving consideration to this matter.


James Hard M.D.

Doctor in Austin hospital