Medical Authorization Appeal Letter

By | November 1, 2014

A medical authorization appeal letter is a letter which is written by a person to make an appeal or request regarding medical authorization to a medical authority or institute. Such letters can be used to make many different types of appeals and must be framed using a formal format and a formal tone. For the reference of all, a sample of a medical authorization appeal letter is given below.

Sample Medical Authorization Appeal Letter:


Dr. William Seth

Medical Official

David International Hospital

D Villa road, Piccadilly Bridge, London

United Kingdom

Date: 8th Feb 2014

Subject: medical authorization appeal letter

Respected Dr. Seth,

I, Jenna Andrews am writing this letter to you to make a medical authorization appeal. My son is a patient at your hospital and is suffering from physical deformities since birth. He is 12 years in age and up until now, the authorization to take decisions regarding his treatment were with my husband. But last month, my husband passed away and so I request you to hand over the authorization to me.

My son has to undergo physical therapies every month and may need surgeries in the future. As his mother, I would like to take the responsibility of allowing or not allowing treatments on his behalf from now onwards. If you can send me over an authorization form, I can fill in my details and change the name from my husband’s to mine.

I trust that you will take the right decision regarding this matter.

Thanking you

Jenna Andrews