Medical Assistant Cover Letter

By | September 15, 2014

Anyone looking for the job of a medical assistant in a medical institution needs to write a medical assistant cover letter. This letter needs to be addressed to a person of senior position in the institution and one who is responsible for recruiting people for that position. The tone needs to be formal and must contain a summary of the education and skill sets of the applicant.

Sample Medical Assistant Cover Letter


Mr. Margaret Borough,

Senior Manager,

XYZ Clinic,

76, Mid West Street,


Date: 2.8.14

Dear Mr. Borough,

Subject: Medical Assistant Cover Letter.

I am writing this letter in response to your recruitment advertisement for the job of Medical Assistant in a local daily. Being an eminent medical student and having a two year prior experience as a trainee in a renowned clinic, I consider myself absolutely fit for the position. I sincerely want to work in your esteemed clinic and will prove to be an asset to your organization if given an opportunity.

I graduated from ABC Medical College in 2013. Presently I am working at a reputable pediatric clinic at Houston. My current job include submitting medical claim forms, assisting the specialist, updating medical records, collecting and handling specimens, injections, interviewing the patients to obtain their medical information and other records, analyzing the medical test reports, explaining treatment procedures to the patients and other tasks as and when required by the authority.

In addition I possess exceptional communication skills, am proficient in computers and in handling administrative software. Moreover, I have a basic knowledge of Medicine and possess righteous decision-making skills which can be very helpful in emergencies.

Copies of my academic certificates and a detailed updated resume have been attached herewith for your perusal and consideration. I am looking forward to be employed in your prestigious organization.


Sarah Noah