Love Letter Template

By | April 20, 2010

My dear [Mention your sweetheart’s name],

I can only imagine this utter love I feel inside me for you. [Write in simple sentences how much you love her/him. You can also mention that nostalgic moment which you can never forget. Show your feelings to your beloved with a sense of how lucky you have been to find your love. Don’t exaggerate and right things which are hard to believe. Be grounded and paint your love with words.]

My sweet love let me tell you, these days [Here you can include lines which will convey to your sweetheart how you are spending these days with the thought of him/her].

My lass, every breath I breathe, [Say her/him to realize that each and every breathe that you take is meant for him/her]

[Mention your sweetheart’s name], I still remember that nostalgic first kiss.

Sweet [Mention your sweetheart’s name], will you be my wife?

With Love, [Mention your name]