Lost Customer Sales Letter

By | August 18, 2010

Poser Investments Inc.,

230 W. Santa Avenue Suite 310,

Watsonville, CA 91008.

FAX 636-415-3767

Dear Hanna Montana,

This letter is intended to regain our lost broker customer relationship during our last transaction. You were a very valuable customer to us during the past few years and we were always satisfied during our business with you. Due to some miscommunication between both the ends has led to the most unexpected disaster and we are really sorry for that.

As you already know that our organization, Poser Investments, isn’t just any other broking firm in California. Our organization has the memberships of both International committee of Business Brokers and the Business Opportunity Bureau of California, a status very few broking organizations can boast of.

We assure you that the mistake of the past will never repeat again. We are looking forward to re-establish the healthy relationship of our past.

Warm regards,

Poser Investments.