Letter of Intent Real Estate

By | May 22, 2015

Letter of intent real estate is a form of letter considered as legal document wherein both parties involved have their agreement settled. Purchasing a real estate includes the information needed to know by the purchaser and using the said intent letter it will serve as a treaty signed by both parties.

Sample Letter of Intent Real Estate

May 26, 2015

Kyle Thomas

78 High Rise Apartment B

LA, California, 89011

Subject: Residential property situated at 123 Diamond Park, Los Angeles

Here is the basic agreement including the term and conditions upon purchasing the real estate property. However the said agreement can still be negotiable and subject for approval. The following are:

Purchaser: Ms. Theresa Santiago

Vendor: Current owner of the real estate property Luis Reyes

Residential property situated at 123 Diamond Park, Los Angeles free from damages and hidden charges

Purchase offers can be negotiable if both parties agreed. $30,000 breakdown into $10,000 as initial deposit then the remaining will be the balance to pay before moving into the residential property.

In terms of the amount as initial deposit, the purchaser can fully refund provided that the agreement and conditions for purchasing the real estate find dissatisfaction.

If you have any concerns and additional questions regarding the draft agreement on purchasing real estate, please visit us or feel free to contact us right away to settle this matter once you confirmed your final decision of buying it.

Thank you.


Paul Manhattan

Owner of Residential property

Diamond Park

LA, California, 89011